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Florida Home Improvement

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The move has drawn a strong rebuke from providers, employers of inmates on work release, and families of inmates who were preparing to transition back to society but instead have been sent back to prison. "We need to scream loud to Tallahassee. Not only are you taking jobs, you're taking lives,'' said Jackie Arafat, a manager at Popeye's in Pompano Beach. In the last week, her restaurant lost five employees who were inmates at the Turning Point Bridge transition program and were sent back to prison. "I believe they are taking hope away from a lot of people,'' she said. "They are destroying a lot of lives." 100 men, on road to better futures, are sent back to prison by budget cuts It is also leaving staff at the 33 substance abuse and treatment facilities across the state looking for work on this holiday weekend. "There's no guarantee I'll be here. I'm taking it one day at a time,'' said Alberto Rendon, assistant facilities director at Transition House in Kissimmee, which serves more than 150 inmates. A veteran who was a substance abuse officer for much of his 24-year career in the Navy, Rendon was hired to teach a support class at Transition House in 2010, promoted to lead counselor and then to lead the facility. Now with the state ending most of their treatment programs, he said, half of his staff will be lost and inmates "will go back on the street with $50 in their pockets and a bus pass. For an addict, that's enough to get them back on the streets and into the cycle, and they'll be back in prison." When Jones announced the cuts last month, she said they were necessary because the agency needed nearly $50 million in additional money to renew a prison healthcare contract with Centurion of Florida LLC, which expires June 30. She found $20 million of reductions in prison operating costs, including cutting prison librarians and chaplains, and then found the remaining $28 million by cutting inmate treatment programs that have a recidivism rate of about 5 percent.

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Florida Home Improvement

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